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Date Thu, April 24 2014

Before I get into the heart of this post, I’d like to take the time to thank Sean Astin and the folks at ENMNetwork for giving me the chance to learn and write about this topic. I’ll receive compensation for my efforts, but this doesn’t mean that what I have to say is any less worthy.

Sean Astin Records Radio

Sean Astin Records Radio

So let’s start with what attracted me to this campaign, which is all about Sean Astin’s political show, Vox Populi Radio, and it’ season 2 premier on May  1st. That’s actually just a day before Minneapolis Comic Con, where both Sean and I will happen to be. You might not recognize his name, but you’ll certainly recognize his face as Samwise Gamgee.

Sean also does voicework for a variety of geeky pursuits (yay!). I’m not sure whether everyone would call a political radio show geeky buuut you could certainly make the argument. Before this campaign, I actually didn’t know anything about Vox Populi let alone that it was going on its second season. The show’s name literally translates to “voice of the people,” and this describes Sean Astin’s goals to create a forum where people can talk about politics.

Vox Populi Coming May 1st

Vox Populi Coming May 1st

Now, I don’t much discuss politics on Reviews by Cole. In the past, I’ve talked about it on my personal blog, and I do post more political stuff on my Tumblr from time to time. However, in person, my friends know me as a staunch feminist and liberal. It’s not just that I believe things should be done a certain way. I firmly believe that there are rights that people should have — women, LGBTQ, people of color and more — and that our society needs to proactively provide and protect those rights even if the people of that society are hesitant to change. Because change, in this case, means growth, and that gross is progress of the human race. This is big picture stuff, people. To forget or to trample on the little guy — the 99%, if you will — is to hold the entire human race back, yourself with it.

A lot of people don’t feel that sort of passion, though. They’re busy or confused about how our government works, and this allows the bad things to continue happening in my opinion. I think education is important, and this radio show. Sean wants people to understand and have a forum to discuss to develop ideas and opinions but without the bitter criticism and anger that so often comes up in political forums.

To ring in the new season, there’s going to be an official Twitter party, and you can find out more about that below. If you want to participate, make sure to use the hashtag #RaiseYourVox. People who participate have a chance to win one of several prizes: two personalized autographed pictures, one autographed poster, and a grand prize “prize pack” with an autographed picture and a Vox t-shirt!

Sean Astin Vox Populi Twitter Chat 4 26

Sean Astin Vox Populi Twitter Chat 4/26

If you’re interested in checking out the show, you can check it out on TVRadioV on May 1st when the second season starts. The show will broadcast every Thursday for two hours, starting at noon Pacific Time. That’s good for me. I’m rarely up at noon. LOL

You can learn more about Vox Populi Radio on the official site. Sean is also active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and will be hosting the party from his account @HostVoxPopuli.

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