Design it, decorate it, dust it

Date Tue, January 10 2012

If I had more money to spend, after clothes and make-up, I’d invest in more home decorating. I still haven’t found my stride; although, I tried in San Antonio. It’s harder now, trying to mesh styles of interior design with a roommate. My style is definitely more grown-up and sophisticated than others my age. For example, I like framed art rather than posters. I prefer to line up my pictures in an appealing way. I like when every vase or candle or statue has a place of its own and I cycle through decor based on the season or holiday.

I once read some advice about picking a main theme or piece to use as a basis for your decor and, in San Antonio, I used a large wall mirror for that purpose. However, there’s no room to put it up in my current apartment so it’s leaning against a wall. It definitely makes me a little sad because it’s a very nice piece. But the rest of my decor, which uses an autumny golden orange theme doesn’t seem to match because it’s not up.

I could also definitely use a lesson in grouping and choosing items that either match or contrast in a way that helps to make the decor of a room feel complete and well thought out. My interest in this definitely had a correlation to watching all those home design shows and now sites like Pinterest or Houzz make it even easier to get ideas from people who are more creative — and experienced! — than I am. A decor coffee table book would be cool, too.

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