Have you seen the new Game Informer?

Date Sat, January 16 2010

I am by no means a hardcore gamer nor a magazine enthusiast so I cannot really review a magazine about video games but how about a little informal critique? I have read it pretty faithfully, every month, for at least a year. Ryan gets a free subscription with this GameStop card thing and, oddly enough, never even looks at it. I usually find an article or review or 2 which hold my interest enough (a previous edition had an interesting one about the birth of Ms Pacman); although, there is plenty which either just doesn’t interest me or goes over my head.

The newer issues of Game Informer feature a sleek, full page cover with minimal text. It’s contemporary and generally attractive. The paper has changed from high gloss to a low gloss, more like newspaper (although, not quite). I am personally not a fan of how this feels to the fingers.

I’ve noticed a lot more creativity with choice of font and layout and by creativity, I mean some pieces are lot harder to read (because of the font choice) or follow (because of placement). I’m not a big fan of comic books which mess with panels because I like to know what to read next. Where should my eyes be going?

I know there was also restructuring of the features. However, I couldn’t name one for the life of me so if something is new or missing, I wouldn’t notice. Okay I lied. I did notice there are still reviews at the end and I usually give at least a cursory glance at the list of cool new electronics which is still there. I also read an announcement in a previous issue about an upcoming feature for parents which sounds awesome.

The most recent issue really failed to grab my attention, however. The “Best of” 2009″ lists took up so much of the magazine that the rest seemed shorter. It probably really isn’t any shorter but I only bought 1 game last year (Scribblenauts) so it wasn’t something I was dying to read. Of course, as a blogger, we all know that lists are really anti-content. ;)

Of course, I’ll read the next one that comes to my mailbox. Just because.

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