I’m a Delicate Flower

Date Wed, September 28 2011

Well, okay, not so much.. butI like delicate flowers. It’s been a while since I had fresh flowers. I bought myself some a while back and kept them in my bedroom until they died. During that time, Phantom knocked them off the dresser a lot. This is one of the reasons I rarely have fresh flowers. Still, I like to shop for them and when the money is there, I buy them for my mother for holidays. Serenata Flowers is one place to buy flowers online and, while I first heard of them today, I’m pretty sure they can’t be any worse than other flower services I’ve had experience with.

You see, several years ago, Ryan bought me flowers for Valentine’s Day while he was deployed. He was pretty good about that and I expected it but the day came and went without flowers. At first, he hinted that I should be receiving something but I didn’t. Finally, he confessed in frustration, that he had purchased me flowers. Several days went by without notice. I then stopped into out apartment complex office and, lo and behold, there were flowers for me there… except, I’d been home the entire day so the delivery person hadn’t even tried to bring them to my door or leave a note. I was pretty unimpressed with that service. I don’t even remember if the flowers contained the additives and I’d already missed out on several days of enjoyment.

Deliveries are something that can often be problematic. I know because I purchase a lot of good online but part of being a successful online retailer is not just having a website that is easy to use or competitive prices. A lot of people are willing to spend more when they know they’ll get more — IE timely delivery or personal interaction — that’s why mom and pop businesses are still in business.

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