In a Perfect World..

Date Tue, July 15 2008

In a perfect world the ceiling and wall near my lamp wouldn’t be crawling with bugs when I have the window open because it’s stifling and hot in here. Although this has happened before, I only seemed to have notice is tonight and would prefer to be as far away from the insects as possible. What I wouldn’t give for a strategically placed spider – kidding, of course.

Also, in a perfect world, the housing people wouldn’t be coming tomorrow to inspect or “pre-inspect” the place. FMO wouldn’t be coming Friday to take away our entire bedroom set and a few other odds and ends. TMO wouldn’t be packing up all our stuff next week leaving us in an empty apartment for 4 days.

Traveling would be quick, without layovers. I’d be able to have my own personal jet charter in a state of the art plane that flies 3 times as fast as the rest so I wouldn’t be so uncomfortable, ill feeling and crabby upon landing.

The world, of course, is not perfect. Humbug to that!

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