It’s 91, Guys

Date Sun, August 7 2011

I don’t like being lost. I’m sure no one wakes up and thinks “Today, I’d like to get lost” but being lost and unsure really messes with my anxiety so I like it even less than your average Joe. So when I’m out and about, trying to find someone’s house, I appreciate easily recognizable residential address plaques or labeling on the building. The same goes if I’ve Googled some place I’ve never been before and it’s especially true at night. Even then, a sign or label may not be good enough if the street is dark and there’s no illumination.

This is a case when bigger is definitely better and perhaps even safer. As much as you don’t like being the creepy car wandering down the street, stopping every five feet to try to read numbers on a building, it can totally impede the normal flow of traffic, too. That’s just a rear-end collision waiting to happen. Luckily, the complex I live in is lit up pretty well at night but our building number signs could still be a little larger, I think. Of course, it’s not the building that people have trouble finding. I swear, people ask my for my apartment number on a daily basis.

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