Date Mon, October 12 2009

Filigree Pendant NecklaceThe other day I was teasing Ryan about how I’d gotten more flowers from him when he was deployed than when we’ve been together. Since then, he has bought me flowers which tipped the scale. Although I was only teasing, I do like surprises as long as it’s something I actually like. The thought doesn’t always count. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t always know exactly what he needs to be doing to surprise me in the right way. For guys like Ryan, it’s easier to be told directly. Yet, having to do so can take the fun out of it for ladies like myself. Enter Bella True, a jewelry store which has stepped in and created some tips for guys when it comes to choosing jewelry for the women they love.

Their jewelry buying guides break it down to steer a confused shopper in the right direction. You can shop by relationship status (dating, married, or engaged) or type of jewelry; Bella True discusses the big 4 which they consider to be rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. There are sections for engagement and wedding rings each and different occasions. Anniversaries has its own page with gemstone listings by year and you can find help for special days like birthdays and births, too. There’s even help if you need to say you’re sorry. Each of thee pages links to specific jewelry items that Bella True thinks it appropriate for these events and relationships (although, currently, all those links appear to be broken).

Lastly, a page lists tones by colour, which can be helpful. There are some suggestions for which colours to go with depending on her personality but they’re rather general and horroscope-like. I may like pink but I’m not really gentle. These suggestions may turn out to be too broad which is why I’d suggest heeding advice on the page “Color her world” which cautions:

But because color is so personal, you need to be careful. She may find any gemstone beautiful, or have a strong preference for only one or two. She might love a riot of different colors, or find it tacky. She may respond to bold colors, or prefer softer pastel tones. How can you know?

Ask her. You’d be surprised how few guys think of this. (Bonus points: Tell her you need to know, but refuse to tell her why.)

amethystringBe careful that just because they are appropriate does not mean your wife or girlfriend (or mother or sister) will like them. More often than not, I found the suggestions were not my style in the least. Take these suggestion with a grain of salt. The easiest way to pick out a jewelry item for a woman is to pay attention or ask her directly. The tips hint to fall back to eye colour or birthstone, both of which are green for me; yet, I am not particularly fond of emeralds. You can even aid her friends or family in the hunt. Actually, I recommend asking help from others, especially when it comes to important things like wedding and engagement rings. I picked mine out and would have it no other way. Like I said, sometimes the thought doesn’t count.

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or a “just thinking of you” necklace, these tips for guys can be helpful. Remember to refer to the recipient’s personal preferences over these guides; however. I don’t care what a jewelry store says; if I don’t like it, then I don’t like it.s

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