You can clean brass with ketchup?

Date Wed, March 24 2010

Sometimes I watch a show on BBC called How Clean is Your House where this pair of adorable, older British ladies travel the country (and sometimes our country) to help people clean their houses. They are big proponents of cleaning with things you would already have in the house (vinegar, dish soap, fruits and vegetables and even ketchup) and there’s a lot of handy hints on the show as well as the website. I know sometimes I don’t like to clean because I think I need a special product but I think that is a part of living in a consumer world. We are trained to think we need a specific product for a specific job or that chemicals equals clean (or cleaner) than some of the alternatives but it’s not necessarily true. There are a lot of home remedies to cleaning, health and probably even eye cream for wrinkles that we probably overlook and, in the end, would cost much less than their commercial counterparts (which may not do as good a job).

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