5 Practical Ways to Use Solar Energy

Date Wed, September 2 2015

Solar energy is a growing industry covering everything from roof tops to small handheld devices. Although it may cost tens of thousands to use the former, the latter can save you a bundle on batteries and frustration. Whether you’re camping or out on a leisurely bike ride, most of your small electronic devices can benefit from solar chargers.


Keeping your phone charged while away from an outlet may be crucial depending on the situation. When camping, hiking or other outdoor activity, these devices could play a prominent role in your survival. In the event of an emergency, the last thing you need is for your smartphone to lose power. A charging unit for your phone should be one of those things that’s always on the top of the list when heading to the mountains.

Solar Flashlights

Flashlights that use solar energy to charge the batteries can be a useful addition to any home or camping equipment. These units can stay perpetually charged in the day while giving you a method of light in the darkness. Some devices are able to provide a light source for eight straight hours.

Emergency Car Kit

Solar panels that stretch across the dashboard can help regulate the power within a car battery. Perhaps you drain the battery while leaving the headlights on over night. These solar units can be beneficial in situations where you’re far from civilization and need a jump start.


When in the field, you may rely on your laptop for a variety of tasks. The right charging unit can keep your small computer system powered and operational. Combined with the use of cell tower WiFi adapters, you can stay connected to the Internet as long as you have a cellular signal.


Many toys are developed with solar power in today’s market. These can be an incredible gift for children as you could save a great deal of money on batteries for their entertainment. Some units are built with the panel itself while others rely on lithium-ion batteries charged by solar units.

Solar energy can be used to keep small devices charged quite easily. With the right charging device, virtually any personal electronic device powered by rechargeable batteries can remain in operation longer. When you consider how often you have to replace batteries in things such as toys, remotes and flashlights, being able to keep a device in working order from photovoltaic technology could save you a bundle each year.

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