Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks

Date Fri, July 18 2014

We’re almost a month into summer, and while it’s been pretty mild here, I always find myself trying to beat the heat. Here’s my best advice to look and feel good this summer.

Mind the Sun

You already know that you have to wear sunscreen once the sun comes out — and even on days when it’s not so sunny — but have you forgotten about your head? While you can certainly find sunscreen specifically for your face, I prefer products that multitask. Olay makes a moisturizer, for example with SPF 30. You might have multiple products that block the sun’s harmful rays and prevent painful sunburns. It’s a little confusing about how layering these products works but in general:

  • If you layer two products with SPF you’ll get closer to average. So using a 15 SPF and 30 SPF will provide the protection of 30 SPF, not 45SPF
  • The layer closest to the sun typically does more blocking.
  • Layering physical and chemical sunscreen can further prevent sun damage. A physical sunscreen contains ingredients such as Zinc oxide or Titanium dioxide while chemical sunscreens rely on ingredients like Octylcrylene, Avobenzone, Homosalate and helioplex to block the sun.

Some skin treatments, including certain acne treatments, can make your skin especially susceptible to sunburn. Pay attention to your labels if you need to up the ante on your SPF. Exfoliating too much in summer time can also increase the risk of sunburn. Stick to gentler facial cleansers.

I might just start wearing a hat to save my part!

I might just start wearing a hat to save my part!

Finally, don’t forget about your hair and part. Spray sunscreen works well for your part, and you can apply it to your comb to protect your hair, too. While you might like the sunkissed look of lighter hair in summer, sun also helps your dye fade more quickly. Specialized hair treatments can offer additional protection to keep your hair moist while the sun is high.

Ditch the Heavy Makeup

In summer, I swear by BB creams — but not the crappy American ones. If you can get it at the drug store or Walmart, it’s terrible. Spend a little more for a BB/CC by Jane Iredale or try Studio Gear’s CC cream. Take a trip to Korea to get the real stuff, which offers sun protection, shading,  moisture, color correction and repairs damage to your skin all at once!

You may also notice that you can use a lighter moisturizer during summer when there’s more moisture in the air. On the whole, I don’t need a heavy moisturizer, and I like them thinner, so I stay away from thick creams like those from Deja Vu.

Keep Makeup In Place

Sometimes you do want to wear makeup, but sweat and humidity make it a pain. What can you do? Invest in a decent primer. For my eyes, I beat the crease with Urban Decay’s Primer potion. Jane Iredale makes a nice primer, too. Plus, primers help your makeup go on easily and can improve the appearance of your skin!

Go Darker

I like to wear my foundation a tad darker than my skin tone because it helps to even out all the rosiness. In summer, most people want to adjust the shade of their foundation because they’ll be tanner. If you don’t get a lot of sun, you might want to go the self tanner route. I haven’t personally done this, so you’ll probably want to check out some reviews. When it comes to your face, however, you don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa. Find a good bronzer that isn’t shimmery and use that, instead.

What are you summer beauty tips?

Dab on Deodorant

Of course, most people wear antiperspirant all year round, but it’s that much more important during the hot summer months. You may have to increase the strength or switch from a product that targets stress to one that focuses on heat. You can apply more liberally, and don’t be afraid to put antiperspirant/deodorant places where you might normally not. The inner thigh, beneath breasts, behind knees and inside elbows and the back of the neck are all great places. This helps mild chafing, keeps you smelling fresh and prevents you from sweating buckets in your brand-new bra.

Prevent Chafing

I walked 15 miles last week when I was sick. Believe me, I know about chafing. I already wrote a post about plenty of products to help when it’s hot and sticky.

Reduce the Shine

Even if you don’t sweat as much as I do — lucky ducks! — you might be shinier in summer thanks to all the oils your skin produces. Try washing your face less frequently. If you’re stripping oils your skin needs, it will overproduce! You can also use a specialty face wash to reduce shine. Olay makes one. Keep a pack of blotting papers in your purse or pocket during the day to wipe away excess sweat and oil. Sally Beauty sells rice paper with and without powder to help cover shine. Head to Chinatown to find cheap, tissue-paper like blotters, too.  I’ve also use Clean & Clear’s oil absorbing sheets with pretty good success.


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